Let Hypnosis be your powerful tool of transformation, and “Let Your Light Shine”!

About Lightwork Hypnosis…

Lightwork Hypnosis is a Toronto-based hypnosis clinic dedicated to the physical, emotional and spiritual evolution of the individual through the skilled use of hypnosis techniques by Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, a Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist/Regressionist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and Member in good standing of The National Guild of Hypnotists and The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre and holder of NGH Certifications in Paediatric Hypnosis, Pain Control and Management and also Metaphysical Therapies – Past Life/Inter-Life Regression/Energy Release.

A few of the issues for which Hypnosis is a powerful treatment tool:

Cessation of a negative habit or behaviour, such as smoking, intake of alcohol and recreational drugs

Eradication of a phobia and generalized fear management, such as fear of flying, driving, heights, small spaces, agoraphobia, etc.

Pain management

Health and wellness

Fertility support

Hypnosis for children (enuresis, self-esteem and scholastic issues)

Anger management

Mood elevation

Preparation for and recovery from surgery

Nail biting


Release of excess weight

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Sleep issues

Test and examination taking support

Sports enhancement

Confidence and self-esteem

Focus and reading retention

A desire to explore your unique spiritual path through Metaphysical Hypnosis  

Additionally, Lightwork Hypnosis now offers the cutting edge “Hypnosis for Performing and Creative Artists”, which addresses issues such as:

On-stage/on-set and audition anxiety

Competition stress

Creative blocks


Memory/line-learning enhancement

Health and fitness

on-stage/on-set and audition anxiety,

competition stress,

creative blocks,


memory/line-learning enhancement

as well as health and fitness.